About La Bottega

La Bottega – not an ordinary shop. It‘s culture – italian culture. Born and grown in Italy with inspirational flavor from United States. It‘s new, unique and at the same time fenomenal culture. And it‘s now also in Lithuania.

La Bottega represents these new brands from our friends:

Broke Clothing – italian brand with unique philosophy born in 1994. Brand‘s rule #1 – Italian quality comes first!

An Kei Clothing – brand born in Italy. Handmade, carefully selected materials, colors, use of various processing technologies. Representing MADE IN ITALY quality concept.

MVP Clothing – brand designed for tall people. Developed, improved and polished in Italy. This brand will help those who find it hard to find fashionable clothes that fit.

A Biscuit Accident (ABA) Clothing – brand that truly is a biscuit. Revolution in T-shirt development and design for men and women. Handmade in Italy.

All these brands represent Italian clothing process. All brands are made with special focusing on quality and design. With all of these friendly brands under La Bottega’s name we all going to unleash the inner king of all animals – Lion!